Award winning historian Dr. Patrick Cox is an advocate for and excels in historical research, writing, productions, exhibits, commentaries and biographies.

Portrait of Patrick Cox
Portrait of Patrick Cox

My professional background includes:

  • Extensive experience in working with nonprofit boards, organizations, universities and colleges and individuals while developing excellent relationships and achieving objectives consistent with the mission, vision, and project goals.
  • Excellent communication skills with a strong aptitude for analysis and problem solving.
  • Effective communication and programs that focus on specific demographic groups, government and private sector representatives, professional media and public relations firms, and the general public.
  • Establishing and maintaining productive relationships with donors, advisory councils and friends groups to raise millions of dollars on education, historic preservation, natural areas and museum programs.
  • National and state recognition for research, writing and publications with extensive involvement in historic organizations with a broad, national focus.
  • Adherence to professional Code of Ethics of the National Council on Public History.
  • Public speaking, lectures and programs on many topics relating to history, higher education, museums, public policy, ethics and governance.


Code of Ethics

We adhere to the National Council on Public History Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

This includes a pledge to:

  • Provide competent, reliable research and information on selected topics.
  • We will respect the decisions of the client on the objectives and nature of the professional services.
  • Maintain exclusive supervision over the historical research studies and reports.
  • Exercise oversight and responsibility for any and all subcontractors and individuals on projects.
  • Maintain confidentiality and a professional relationship with the client.
  • Demonstrate independent professional judgment on behalf of the client.
  • We will not perform any work that is an actual, apparent or reasonable conflict of interest.