Now Available: Tom Sealy, A Man of Action, Fighting for Justice in War and Peace

A Biography about Tom Sealy not available.

My latest biography, Tom Sealy, A Man of Action, Fighting for Justice in War and Peace, will be released in electronic and print format by Amazon Press on May 31, 2018. Tom Sealy of Midland, Texas was an insightful, unselfish attorney and public servant who provided leadership and notable contributions in law, government, education, business and civic life in the twentieth century. His amazing story and his notable influence during the 20th century postwar era of the University of Texas will be told in a biography by historian Patrick Cox. In the aftermath of World War II, Sealy marshaled a team of U.S. Armed Services attorneys who secured landmark convictions of Nazi war criminals. As Chair of the Board of Regents at the University of Texas, Sealy issued the order to allow admission of African American students at all levels in 1955, making UT the first public university in the South to overturn segregation. Sealy hired the young Darrell Royal who became the legendary Longhorn football coach. In subsequent years, Sealy was instrumental in providing many new opportunities and remarkable changes that provided justice and advancement in both public and private institutions.