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Historical Consulting - Honoring and Protecting our Past

Patrick Cox Presidential Address
Patrick Cox Presidential Address on Lyndon B. Johnson and the Power of Community -
Pedernales Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting 2015

In our rapidly changing and highly technical world, recognizing and sharing our history in a coherent and understandable manner is more important than ever. Whether you need to produce an individual, organizational or corporate history, organize an oral history, conduct historical research or respond to historical questions, we can provide the essential and quality professional services in an appealing and appealing format.

Individuals, corporate, nonprofit, cultural and public institutions have limited resources to provide effective, accurate historical research, writing and communications. Local, state agencies and national agencies, private corporations, nonprofit organizations and individuals need the expertise and competence of recognized, professional historians to provide factual and engaging.


Professional Services –

  • We have proficiency and experience in the following areas of history:
  • Ranch, small communities, urban and land use histories
  • Biographies
  • Corporate, organizational and law firm histories
  • Legal research for firms engaged in litigation, settlements, mediation and expert witness testimony
  • Museum and exhibit research for permanent or special exhibits
  • Oral History Programs
  • Film and Documentary historical research
  • Public Speaking
Patrick Cox
Patrick Cox

Selected Projects –

  • Jones Family Ranches
  • South Texas Ranchers Coalition
  • Sam Rayburn Library and Museum
  • John Nance Garner Museum
  • Windale Historical Center –
  • McGregor House
  • Townsend/Wagner House
  • Biegel House
  • Four Square Barn
  • Bob Bullock Texas History Museum
  • Texas House Speakers Oral History Project
  • Texas Daily Newspapers Project